Happy Friday, everyone!! It is almost the weekend — just one project and two exams stand in the way of me and a relaxing weekend. I hope you are all able to do some relaxing as well. After all..it is the LAST DAY OF SEPTEMBER AND THE FIRST WEEKEND OF OCTOBER. Monday comes with the first in a long line of Halloween Makeup Tutorials and I am SO stoked about it. So be sure to check back to watch those! In the meantime, however, I have an awesome review for you guys today: Courtney Bentley’s Fit + Fabulous 30 Day Challenge!



Okay everyone, meet Courtney Bentley. She runs starsystemz.com and is a fitness guru/personal coach/wonderful friend of mine. As her about page so aptly states: 

I specialize in helping YOU achieve a fit + lean body while boosting your self-love, rocking your life with confidence and boosting a smile every single day!

Who DOESN’T want that in a personal trainer. Amiright? She’s funny, sweet and has killer abs. Basically, Courtney is a rockstar. Make sure you checkout her Facebook Page & her Instagram, too!


About the FIT + FABULOUS 30 DAY challenge:

This program is $99 and is actually a steal for all of the amazing things included. She describes it as

A 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge with meal plan, workout program and smartphone app access as well as coaching with me. Lose weight, get fit and FEEL fabulous!

I mostly took this course to tone my body up, start eating better and bonus I got chat with Courtney on the daily. And holy cow did it deliver.


Workouts: A+

This challenge is VERY easy to get started on — even if you are starting at square one, never having worked out before. I can’t say I am a person who regularly works out. BUT. I can say that in the past month, I have come to stop hating the workouts. And actually, I really enjoy them! They push my body enough that I can FEEL myself getting stronger, but not so hard that I pass out/vomit/generally want to die. 

Meal plans: A+


OH MY GOSH. This was my favorite part of this challenge. Do her meals not look amazing? She made them so they practically look professional! Courtney custom designed a meal plan that worked for me. Not only did she explain all of the important things I needed to know about eating clean and detoxing my body, but she sent me new recipes each week to learn how to make. Now, I am not a cook. But even these meals were easy enough that I didn’t have a problem cooking them. You could pick and choose your favorites, but she included breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes as well as healthy snack alternatives. Because apparently twix bars four times a day is unhealthy?

Results: A+

So…what were my results? Did this course even work? Is it work the $99? First off — yes, it definitely worked. Second off — 100% worth the money. Let’s get you some proof. 

At the beginning of this challenge, I weighed 130 lbs. Remember, I didn’t go into this thinking that I was going to lose weight. Just tone up. I had a 26% body fat and a 28 in waist. My BMI was at a 21.2 (or sitting right in the middle of the “normal” range). 


Keep in mind, everyone has a different body and will get different results. But these were mine:

At the end of this challenge, I weighed 126 lbs. I lost four lbs and it is very noticeable around my hips and waist. I had a 23% body fat and my waist is at 27.5 in. My BMI was 20.1. The real winning situation here is that my legs, abs and back are WAY more defined than they were before starting this challenge. I still had my cheat days where Adam and I stayed in for date night and ordered a pizza (sorry Courtney) but that is ok with me. 

I definitely don’t think I will stop my workouts now that I know what works for me and what kind of exercise I actually grew to like. If you are more diligent at sticking exactly to Court’s meal plans, you would probably lose more weight than I did (like I said — that wasn’t my goal at all). I care more about how I feel when I look in the mirror than when I stand on a scale. And right now, I am feeling pretty dang good about myself.

Want to take this challenge for yourself? CLICK HERE to get the details!


Fit + Fabulous 30 Day Challenge

Courtney tailors her workouts and her meal schedules to fit you and your life. She is sweet and genuinely wants people to get healthy and live their best and happiest lives. That starts with eating right and treating your body with respect. 

What are you waiting for? If you were looking for a sign that told you NOW is the time to start changing your lifestyle….THIS IS IT. Get off the couch and start working on getting to the best version of you that you can. Let Courtney help you with that!

I am so glad you stopped by today, and I hope you stop by next week for the Halloween tutorials!!! See you then!

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  1. Those are great results!! It sounds like an easy 30-day challenge. I took one similar and didn’t lose any pounds, but definitely noticed being toner. Score! You’ve inspired me to start working out again ???????? PS Your workout gear is so cute!

  2. Great post! Congrats on your success! I have been working hard to tone up myself. I am going to start saving so I can do this challenge – I impulse bought a piano keyboard yesterday so I don’t really have the $99…oops! 馃槢 My current plan is to follow a 1290 calorie-a-day diet (I track this with MyFitnessPal) and burn at least 400 calories a day (not too hard with all my dance classes). It has been pretty successful for me! I lost 5lb of water weight in a week. 馃檪 Keep up the good work, love! I’ll be saving this for when I have $99!

  3. Wow your results were awesome! You go girl!! I’m so happy you enjoyed lifting weights and the meals this is why I do what I do and reading this post made my day!! Thank you so much for taking this challenge you rocked it!!

  4. That’s awesome! I love your results and I am sure you do, too. Interesting challenge, too. I need to move more!

  5. Wow that’s pretty amazing! I’ve never tried a workout challenge, my sis keeps trying to get me to do kayla itsines one so I may try this. Congrats on your results even though weight loss wasn’t the goal!

  6. Sounds like a great challenge, and you had some great results. I lost all my baby weight, and I’ve been working on toning up too. It’s hard work, but definitely worth it. I actually love working out now. Her meals look awesome too!

  7. What a great challenge. This is exactly what I need to hold me accountable. I tend to get reall lazy especially when I’ve been working 8-9 hours then have to come home to cook and work on the blog. Not easy finding the time. Not easy at all.

  8. I love those leggings, so so so cute! This is really interesting. It sounds like a great challenge to try. I would love to change up my lifestyle and add in a good challenge!

  9. I think I was sold at the pink kettle bell! haha… But those meals also look so delish and love the ease of this program! What a deal! Totally checking into it!

  10. I keep telling myself that I’m going to start working out again (I had a baby a year ago, it’s way past time!) but I always get busy and don’t make time for it. You’re getting me motivated to get off my butt and just go for it!

  11. This Challenge sounds Great! I need to get back on track, so loved reading this. Also, you look great…that pink kettle bell is awesome 馃檪

  12. While I personally wouldn’t be interested in her meal plans, I definitely would be interested in seeing what her workouts are like. I am always interested in mixing up my routines and trying new things. I love that you had pizza night (pizza ftw) LOL. The fact that there is a smartphone app has me really intrigued and I’m looking forward to hitting Courtney up and learning more about her programs.

  13. Do I really need to exercise? I need her to come to my house and drag me off the couch first. But in all seriousness, that’s awesome that you achieved such great results so quickly. Sounds like an awesome plan.

  14. I’m a big fan of 30-day challenges. I think they help to motivate you because you are working towards an end goal. I’ve done a couple and I’ve really like the results and how I felt spurred on to continue. This looks like a great program.

  15. It sounds like a great program that’s also perfect for beginners. I like that it’s affordable and that it also covers a meal plan. That’s really awesome!

  16. Wow great job! Getting and staying fit is tough for anyone but it sounds like you found a system and trainer that work for you. Keep up the great work.

  17. Congratulations with your success that you have seen. Sticking with a plan can be tough but if you have the right person behind you it can make all the difference.

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