It’s the very last monthly obsessions blog post of 2021. I’ve been doing these since 2018 – and I love looking back through the archives to see all of the things I’ve really been loving every month. AND since it’s the end of the year, that means I go through ALL of the monthly obsessions from the year and see what stuck around as more of than a monthly obsession – and ended up as a multi-month or year-long obsessions. Let’s jump right into it.


Dime Beauty 7 Summers Perfume

I’ve been using this for…..MONTHS now and it doesn’t look like it’ll be knocked out of first place any time soon. It’s SO good and I get compliments every single time I wear it. Here’s what I said about it at the time –

This is Adam’s FAVORITE perfume that I own. And don’t be fooled – just because the name is “7 Summers” doesn’t mean it’s a summery or floral scent. 7 Summers is a warm cream scent with a touch of Vanilla Lavender.

Top Notes: Juicy Pear, Champagne, Warm Sugar

Mid Notes: Opulent Lavender, Vanilla, Praline

Bottom Notes:  Woody Musk, Coconut Cream, Bergamot

It is super similar to my Philosophy Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere – but a little bit lighter. I also think it wears better on my skin throughout the day. Adam – without fail – cannot stop complimenting how good I smell when I wear it. 1000/10. PLUS – you get 20% off when you use the code “TAYLORMOBLEY20“.

Tula Lip Balm

YUP still love this SO much. I keep one on my desk, one in my purse, one at my vanity. I love lip balms in general but these are worth the money and really hydrate, plump and lightly tint your lips!

I am OBSESSED with this new lip balm. It is so good. I love so many of Tula’s products but this one is particular amazing – it’s definitely one I’m going to keep in my purse. I am kind of a lip balm collector so I loved adding this to my collection. I don’t have my own discount code – but you know E does so if you want 20% off your purchase, you can use COMINGUPROSES at checkout!

Google Nest Thermostat & Backplate

Still obsessed with our Nest Thermostat! The backplate was a game changer because our original walls were damaged from the old thermostat removal. But I love being able to control the thermostat from anywhere AND it learns our habits throughout the year so it can automatically adjust for us.

We love this! We ordered our thermostat last month and a backplate to go with it (we don’t know what color the previous owners painted the walls and I didn’t want to buy a can of maybe-similar paint). We have been slowly transitioning our home into a smart home with our Google tech – we have a Nest doorbell, Nest cams, Google hubs / smart speakers, smart lights and now the Nest thermostat!

Zella Maternity Leggings

A bit of a maternity splurge – but worth every penny. They are currently the only leggings that fit over my large 33 week belly (yes, even my other maternity ones are struggling) – and they look brand new even after dozens of washes.

These maternity leggings have been amazing as I enter my second trimester. I don’t have a big bump yet – but definitely big enough that I don’t fit into my usual leggings anymore. I wear clothes pretty tight as a usual rule, so I didn’t have very much stretch to grow into. I switched over to these maternity leggings right around 12 weeks and haven’t looked back! I tried LOTS of maternity leggings with Jack and these have by far been the nicest quality. The ones I bought for my last pregnancy didn’t even hold up well it storage. They also stretch out during the day and end up saggy around my upper thighs and knees. These fit amazing and don’t stretch out!

Converse High Top Sneakers

I have worn these shoes more than any other shoes in my closet combined in like – just the 6 months. HA! They are INSANELY comfortable and so trendy and cute. 1000/10 would recommend.

OKAY THESE ARE THE WINNER OF THE ENTIRE POST. I have hardly stopped wearing these since I got them from this year’s Nordstrom sale. They went from $80 to $59! There are only a few sizes left – but they are also available HERE on the converse website for $75.

The Callaway Collection Word Bracelets

I have actually had these longer than a year but they finally made it into my monthly obsessions round ups in June. I have 4 now, and they say: Mama, A<3T, Noah and Jack. I wear them every single day. I wear them all year round and I have yet to notice any tarnishing, stretching or loss of any shine or original quality what-so-ever. They are my go-to give for new mama’s-to-be and they are so special to me!

These have been mentioned in my monthly obsessions before but I felt like they needed a round two. I have been wearing them a lot more again lately and I was just reminded how much I love them! They are dainty, trendy and classic all at the same time. I can’t wait to have another little bug so I can add their name to my wrist!

Enneagram & Astrology Candles

Ok – I love my enneagram and astrology so having candles for both just makes sense in my office! The enneagram candle is a small shop – and the Capricorn candle was a perfect Target find.

The Enneagram candle is small shop owned and one of my all time favorite candles I own now (and not just because I’m enneagram OBSESSED). It has a wooden wick, awesome burn time and it looks really chic on my dresser. The Capricorn candle was a target find and it smells fantastic!!

Peloton Bike

I WISH I had had more time to use this before I got pregnant this year! I wasn’t able to work out very long this pregnancy but I am chomping at the bit to get back at it after I’m cleared to work out again post-baby. I wrote a whole blog post about my love for our new Peloton bike. It’s truly the only workout I’ve ever really fallen in love with.

I bought my Peloton back in January but it was delivered early March. You can see all my thoughts HERE about the bike. Long story short: I LOVE IT. It’s my favorite at-home workout tool I’ve ever owned, and I workout so much more with it in the house. It get to get in nap time workouts, workouts in the morning, etc. without having to worry about leaving the house. PLUS I am obsessed with the classes and instructors!


I’m actually about to read this book again for the second time! I loved it so much the first time, that I actually ended up buying her full course. I am excited to dive in again in the new year!

WHEW. This is my favorite self-help style book I’ve ever read. It’s changed the game for me when it comes to money mindset. I’ve always had a hard time grappling with money mindset and it’s held me back A LOT as a business owner. This helped me get out of my own head and into the right head space for calling in my money goals!

Soma Enbliss Wireless Bra

I have talked about this bra OVER AND OVER again and it quickly became a favorite for so many of you too! I gave up wired bras while nursing Jack and definitely didn’t go back once I got pregnant with Noah! I have 5 of these and am going to be grabbing the nursing one once Noah is born!

This is quickly becoming a cult favorite with my audience – this bra changed my life. I had to give up wired bras while I was nursing Jack because they started giving me bruises. These are supportive while still being comfortable. 10/10!

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