Happy TUESDAY, folks!! It’s so so close to Thanksgiving which means a couple things. 1. ALL THE FOOD and 2. BLACK FRIDAY IS ALMOST UPON US. Today, I have not only rounded up the greatest sales OF THE SEASON BUT — I am also showing you what’s in MY cart right now from those stores. Ya know — you can get a good idea of what products you need to be getting your hands on ASAP. We already have 90% of our Christmas shopping done but if the sale is right, someone might be getting a few more presents this year! Let’s DO THIS.

Black Friday Holiday Gift Guide

We have department stores (to cover our bases) and specialty stores (to get the unique gifts to cover even the HARDEST person to shop for on your list this year). Let’s get SHOPPING. 

Disclaimer: keep in mind — most of these deals don’t start until Friday. So fill your cart, but make sure you wait to check out until Friday so you get the best bang for your buck.


Nordstrom is the Holy Grail of department stores — basically what all department stores WISH they could be. They’ve got tons of sales for Black Friday – so check them out by clicking the link above or the products below.

what’s in my cart:


Kohl’s is honestly one of my all time favorite places to shop. Between home goods, bathroom style, LC Lauren Conrad collection (to die for, btw) and men’s sweaters, I’d say it’s got it all. And the sales are live RIGHT NOW! Items are up to 60% off and they’re flying off the shelves.

what’s in my cart:


This might be one of the best sales yet. Up to 70% off 10K & 14K gold jewelry, up to 20% off men’s and women’s clothing and an extra surprise 10 or 15% off at check out. Run – DON’T WALK – to this sale.

what’s in my cart:

Ulta Beauty – CLICK TO SHOP!

It’s not secret I’m a fan of Ulta. Pretty much obsessed, actually. I love that they have such amazing sales this season – click the link above to get the entire catalog for their Black Friday event. It starts online on Thursday at 5pm CST! Don’t miss it!

what’s in my cart:


As always – Sephora comes in clutch with several Black Friday deals. They’re still rolling out the final roll call for which items are going to be on sale during their BF Event, so stay tuned. In the mean time, visit their page to see what they’ve got already out.

what’s in my cart:


I mean. Who DOESN’T love Target, right? They’ve got clothing (if you haven’t checked out their new clothing line … what are you waiting for?), electronics, shoes, etc….and their deals are HOT this year. Keep in mind — the products below are not discounted YET. Click the above link to see what their prices will be on Friday.

what’s in my cart:


Amazon is offering 5% back when you sign up for the Discover card, and they also have incredible deals on house wares, electronics and MORE. I mean — it’s Amazon. There’s not way you aren’t going to find something perfect for that special someone on your list. No. Way.

what’s in my cart:

Walmart – CLICK TO SHOP!

Walmart doesn’t have a set percentage off this year — but they are heavily discounting things like electronics, kitchen ware, pet supplies, jewelry and table top games!

what’s in my cart:

American Eagle Outfitters – CLICK TO SHOP!

Good news — these deals are live NOW! 40% off the ENTIRE store PLUS free shipping when you shop online. Merry Christmas, amiright?

what’s in my cart:

Bed Bath & Beyond – CLICK TO SHOP!

Bed Bath & Beyond is often only thought of when weddings come around – they’re one of the most popular wedding registry sites out there. But they have so many fabulous items for the home that it would be foolish not to at least check out their sales this season.

what’s in my cart:


Don’t discount Old Navy this Black Friday — they have 40% off select items and the sale catalog is pretty huge. Pjs, sweaters, jeans, shoes…there are SO many options to choose from. Also – I’m not going to lie – they seriously stepped up their game. When I was looking through their items, I almost couldn’t believe they were Old Navy. I’m SO IMPRESSED.

what’s in my cart:


Black Friday Holiday Gift Guide

This Black Friday should be about grabbing those SUPER IMPORTANT gifts for your friends and family while they are on SUPER sale. You don’t want to pay more than you need to — that’s why BF2017 exists. 

Let me know what you are planning to get your hands on this holiday season in the comment section below!!

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  1. OHHH I so want like everything you’ve listed here. Granted I lean more towards the tech purchases so Amazon is my best friend. Thanks for putting this together. Happy Black Fri-Yay!

  2. This gift guide is shopping heaven! I love so much of what you have here. Those crystal hoop earrings are gorgeous and of course, what girl doesn’t love to get make up? I’m loving all these holiday make up sets. I want them all. A kitchen aid mixer is always a great gift. My in-laws bought me one about 3 years ago and I am in love with it still!

  3. Black Friday is the bomb! These lists are PERFECT. We have a Target and a Kohl’s right next to each other by our house, and those are my two favorite places to shop. I am planning on doing a lot more online shopping now that little man is here!

  4. I’ve actually never shopped black Friday before, admittedly the news stories of the in store chaos and tights put me off but the deals seem amazing! I love your picks! If we still had Target up here if definitely be in there!

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