It’s one of the biggest sale days of the year – which is great if you are like me and like to Christmas shop in July. 馃槈 I love when semi-annual summer sale days come around because I’m not already stretched thin from Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. I keep a list all year long of gifts I want to get my family and how much they cost normally. Then, when big sale days like this come along, I can go look at my list, verify that it’s *actually* on sale (and not just inflated pricing) and decide whether or not I want to purchase. Some stuff I will grab, and other’s I will wait until it’s Black Friday or closer to Christmas to grab.


SO. Here’s what we’re looking for:

The percentage might be a little different, but this is the Prime Day sticker we want to look for.

The things I’m listing here are going to be things I am shopping + loving personally, and that have been cross and double checked to ensure the price really is the lowest.

Let’s jump in with my top 10 picks for day one (10 more will be added tomorrow!):

Apple AirPods 2nd Gen – $89 (down from $139)

Carseats are up to 50% off (we snagged a new one for Jack for less than $100)

Kindle Paperwhite – $89 (down from $139)

The Toniebox Starter Set (Jack has this one!) – $99 (down from $179)

Toniebox Headphones – $19 (down from $24.99)

Kids Amazon Fire Tablet – $54 (down from $109)

BISSEL Little Green Carpet Machine – $89 (down from $123)

Living Proof Dry Shampoo (my all time favorite dry shampoo) – $24 (down from $35)

Kitchenaid Mixer – $259 (down from $379)

Apple Watch – $279 (down from $399)

Shop the rest of the deals HERE!

*just a reminder: you don’t need to buy ANYTHING during this sale. If you were already going to buy something, and now it’s on sale, great!!! If not, feel free to skip and not be guilty.*

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