Happy #BEAUTYMONDAY! I’m SO STOKED about today’s post because it’s been a long time coming and I’ve spent weeks putting it together. I met my hairstylist Caitlin a few months ago when she reached out to me on Instagram (check hers out here!!). We instantly connected and I went in for a haircut and it was SUCH a wonderful experience. Caitlin really took the time to talk to me about the cut she was doing, and worked really hard to help rectify the insane amount of damage on my hair. I really appreciate her attention to detail and sweetness and was SO excited to sit her down and ask her all the questions that you guys have been asking me for months!!

12 Questions Your Hairstylist Wants You To Ask (+ Their Answers!!)

12 Questions Your Hairstylist Wants You To Ask (+ Their Answers!!)

12 Questions Your Hairstylist Wants You To Ask (+ Their Answers!!)

What kind of budget do I need to have when it comes to dyeing my hair?

Really it varies. It depends on what kind of color you are needing. Based on that, it’s hard to give a clear answer. BUT typically, for all over color and blow out, it is about $90. It starts from there and goes up depending on what you want done. For the look you had done [blonde balayage] – it’s about $150.

How often will I realistically need to be in the hair salon (how many weeks between appts)

6-8 weeks. I want to see you every 6-8 weeks to do touch ups and refresh on cut and color. At that point, especially if you are blonde, you’ll start seeing brassiness in your hair. If you have a balayage, you don’t technically need to do it again at 6-8 weeks, you can let it grow out for six months.

Are there ways to add shine to my dull hair without coloring it?

Yes. This is my favorite thing to offer. Ask for a clear glaze. A clear glaze is no color whatsoever – it’s strictly clear and you add it all over the hair for 15 minutes and then you rinse it out. It gives you the most beautiful shine ever! It’s perfect for teenagers or people who have beautiful natural highlights.

How do you determine what best to do on my hair when it comes to color and cut? What if I’m unsure of what I want?

This is when we go and figure out your face shape, and we talk about what looks good on your face shape. The next thing is the most important. It’s your lifestyle. What do you do for a living and how long do you have to style your hair in the morning. AND how often do you want to come in to see me? We decide from there based on pictures you bring in whether or not it’s realistic for you.

How can I realistically look for hair styles and colors to bring in to show you?

Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest. Pinterest boards are KEY. Now, what I don’t like is that a lot of those pictures are filtered, so it could be unrealistic for you to achieve depending on the filter. BUT – typically, Pinterest is the best place to look for color and cut inspiration.

How often should you really be washing your hair?

Once every 3 days. That works for almost all hair. Thick, course hair could go a full week without washing it. If you have thinner, fine hair, it should be twice a week.

12 Questions Your Hairstylist Wants You To Ask (+ Their Answers!!)

12 Questions Your Hairstylist Wants You To Ask (+ Their Answers!!)

12 Questions Your Hairstylist Wants You To Ask (+ Their Answers!!)

How will I know if a style is going to be difficult to recreate at home?

It’s so important to be able to recreate a style. Again, it’s really going to be about your lifestyle. Because, I can curl or style your hair here, but will you do it at home? If you are lower maintenance, I’ll show you ways to style just like the front of your hair, and not worry about the back so much. I can kind of give you a similar style to what you are wanting, without a lot of maintenance. If you don’t care about time getting ready, then the world is really open to you.

I have frizzy and damaged hair, what kind of products would you recommend?

Caviar anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner and the 3-in-1 serum. Pump 2-3 pumps of the serum into your conditioner, and it will turn it into a little mask that will work to repair your hair and control your frizz. If that isn’t enough, depending on the severity of it, I would then recommend a keratin treatment. That’s like my 911 emergency solution.

What are ways to maintain my blonde hair at home between salon visits?

Purple shampoo, once a week. Let it sit on there for 5 minutes, then rinse it out. If it’s SUPER brassy, you can kind of do it as needed. I really like Joico Purple Shampoo, you can get it at ULTA. If you want a salon brand, I like Keune Ultimate Blonde Purple Shampoo.

What questions do YOU wish people would ask when they come into the salon? I feel like I never know what I’m doing.

This is a hard one. I wish people would come and ask these questions!! Can I maintain this? How often do I need to come in? What are the best at-home products to use? If you are allergic to something or sensitive to color, I need to know that. Ask if it’s ammonia free color, or all natural? Let me know if you have a nut allergy. If you pull warm, I need to know that. If you box colored your hair in the last six weeks, I need to know that.

Can you go blonde even if you have damaged hair?

It depends on how damaged it is. If it is breaking off, no. I would give it a couple of months before you start going blonde. If you just have split ends, I could move forward. I would need to see and assess your hair.

How to I fix damaged hair from previous coloring?

A good hair cut will help. I know that’s a sad thing to say, but it’s true. Like when I looked at yours, I needed to cut it off. It was too damaged. If the hair is more just frizzy and dry, and not breaking off, then I would send you home with the overnight rescue and have you do that for four weeks before we blonde your hair.

12 Questions Your Hairstylist Wants You To Ask (+ Their Answers!!)


12 Questions Your Hairstylist Wants You To Ask (+ Their Answers!!)

I hope this is helpful for those of you who are looking for the answers to your hair questions and just haven’t been able to find them. I know how hard it can be to ask things on the spot – especially if you are with a new stylist. 

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  1. These are almost ALL questions I’ve peppered my hairstylist with – it’s so fun to read the response from another hairstylist, and see how they compare. So similar!

  2. Your hair looks so good and this is a really interesting post! I’ve never really thought about it from this perspective before. It’s good to know what prices to expect too!

  3. this is brilliant and so true! it’s like people wanting silver/platinum hair without doing the research and ruining their hair in one go. so many things take time and planning!

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